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Craigslist Turns Up Modest Barn Find — Affordable Classic Car Reviews
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Craigslist Turns Up Modest Barn Find

A good friend of mine is looking to re-do his basement, knock out a few walls, re-arrange some things, and finish it off for his two kids… four and two years old. His idea was to find some astro turf sort of stuff to finish the floor with. He went onto Craigslist, searched for “turf” and got an interesting hit.

Half the Vikings end-zone, only half the story.

Half the Vikings end-zone, only half the story.

The person who put up this Craigslist ad bought this 15′ x 150′ piece of astro turf at an auction about a year and a half ago. It came from the Metrodome in Minneapolis, home, of course, to the Minnesota Vikings. Apparently they resurfaced the Metrodome about two years ago, they took up the pieces of turf, and this guy bought this piece from the end zone.

My friend was thinking he’d use just a small piece of the total roll for his basement, we’d figure out what to do with rest if it was in good shape, like cut it into 7′ x 8′ pieces and sell them on eBay as ‘area rugs’ for man caves to all the fair weather Vikings fans that are popping up now that the Vikings are doing pretty well in the post season. Timing is everything huh?

So we drove north of the cities about 40 minutes to this place. There was a long driveway that wound around eventually dumping us out in front of a big house on a rural lot with a gazebo and a couple of huge out buildings. There were about 8 different garage doors on these different buildings, a red Corvette from the late seventies sitting next to one of the buildings with six inches of snow on it, various cranes, bull dozers, back hoes, a line up of about 8 shipping containers. All sorts of cool stuff really. What was behind all of those garage doors, and how was I going to get into them?

The lady came out of the house and walked us over to the open trailer with this huge roll of astro turf. We pulled back the end of the tarp and realized pretty quickly that it wasn’t quite right for what my friend was planning to do with it. It was fairly worn and the foam backing was brittle. It did look pretty cool though, you could see the green and white and purple from the letters painted on the turf. It’s too bad it was in rough shape. It could have been really cool.

So on our way back to the car we got to talking about where they get all this stuff. The lady explained that her husband goes to all sorts of auctions and buys stuff. She said that they don’t need a lot of it and that she’s been selling a lot of stuff off on Craigslist.

“Yeah, I saw the Corvette over there when we pulled in” I added.

“That’s gonna go up on Craigslist soon too, we’ve got a couple of cars to get rid of” she added.

“Oh yeah, what other cars do you have?” I asked, trying to be all non-challant, what could she possibly say, what was lurking in the shadows?

“We’ve got a Volkswagen Beetle in the garden shed over there, we’re not really supposed to have any cars parked in there, for zoning, but it’s in there.”

“Oh yeah, what year is it?” I asked.

“It’s a 1964, it’s from Arizona” she replied.

“Do you think we could have a look at it?”

So we walked over and she opened the door and flipped on the light. You’ve gotta love the iPhone!

1964 Volkswagen Beetle, looks like an honest driver.

1964 Volkswagen Beetle, looks like an honest driver.

I walked around the car to have a look. I’ve always liked this putty sort of color on old Beetles. The paint almost looked original, not very shiny, but solid. Upon closer inspection I could see that it had been repainted at some point. The rubber bits between the body panels were painted over. It looks like it must have been a quickie repaint to tart it up for the auction, but it looked good and honest.

I opened the door to check out the interior which looked great, it certainly smelled right. The interior probably had been re-done, but the material was right. You see so many classic Volkswagen Beetles that are done all wrong with mag wheels and bad interiors. I opened up the engine bay, it was extremely clean, it looked ready to go. The belt was fresh, everything was tidy and good looking. Overall this little Beetle looked like an honest driver-quality car that could probably be picked up fairly cheap. I was so glad I went on this adventure.

So, it wasn’t quite “The Cobra in the Barn”, but it was a fun little affordable classic car. Who knew going to check out half of the Vikings end zone would have led to the discovery of an affordable classic car that hasn’t been put on the market yet? It’s weekend adventures like this that lead to the cool finds, always go when a friend calls you to go check something out that he found on Craigslist, you never know what you’ll find.

Incidentally… the other car she mentioned to me that was hiding in another building is a 1965 Ford Mustang. We didn’t get a look at that one, but it’s out there.


1 Tim { 03.01.10 at 8:14 pm }

What? You didn’t bring it home with you?

2 admin { 03.01.10 at 10:15 pm }

Not that day… there was a foot of snow in the driveway… but don’t worry. Come Spring I think I’ll go back for a closer look. I want to take a magnet to it as well. It looks solid and original, but it could have been an 80s restoration that’s mellowed, hard to say… but I will go back for another look. I figure if I could get it for $2000 or there about I’d be doing pretty well.

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